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Programa científico

 Conferenciantes invitados:


Maggie Lieu (ESA-ESAC)

Jose Alfonso López Aguerri (IAC)

Jose Alberto Rubiño (IAC)

Jose Manuel Vilchez (IAA-CSIC)

Matteo Guainazzi (ESTEC-ESA)


La reunión tendrá lugar en el aula B3 (Edificio B, ESAC)

Programa científico:

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Jueves, 7de Noviembre
09:30 Bienvenida
09:40 M. Lieu (invitada): “The prospects of machine learning on galaxy cluster science".
10:20 A. Biviano: “Old clusters in new Jeans”
10:40 L. Old: “The environmental dependence of the star formation main sequence at z=1”
11:00 J.M. Diego: “Extreme magnification events behind clusters”
11:20 A.Knebe “The Three Hundred project: a large catalogue of theoretically modelled galaxy clusters”
11:40 Café

12:10 D. Sotillo Ramos: “GAMA: Mass, metallicity, and SFR relationships”
12:30 J. Vega Ferrero: “Constraining the cross section of dark matter with giant radial arcs in galaxy clusters”
12:50 M.Sánchez‐Portal: “GaLAxy Cluster Evolution survey (GLACE)”
13:10 Sesión de póster
13:30 Comida

14:30 J.M. Vilchez (invitado): “About environment influence on galaxies in clusters”
15:10 L. Old: “What can cluster galaxies can tell us about their host environments?”
15:30 A. Díaz‐Sánchez: “The brightest high redshift submillimeter galaxies strongly lensed by galaxy clusters”
15:50 A. Negri: “ The evolution of the luminosity function of cluster galaxies in the Cluster‐EAGLE simulation”
16:10 Café

16:30 H. Dannerbauer: “Impact of environment on molecular gas reservoirs”
16:50 R. Calvi: “Confirmation of two galaxy protoclusters beyond z=5 with GTC‐OSIRIS”
17:10 O. Díaz Rodríguez: “Characterization of the star‐formation activity in two galaxy protoclusters beyond z=2”

Viernes, 8 de Noviembre
09:40 J.M. Rubiño (invitado): "Cosmology with the Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect"
10:20 I. Valtchanov: “XXL Survey: cosmology with galaxy clusters”
10:40 I. Trujillo: “Using the Intra Cluster light to unveil the nature of the dark matter”
11:00 C. Dalla Vechia “ The ICL as tracer of total cluster mass”
11:20 Café

11:50 J. Vega Ferrero: “The Hubble constant from SN Refsdal”
12:10 S. Planelles: “Generating multi‐wavelength mock observations of galaxy clusters”
12:30 A. Manjón: “Dark matter density profile estimation in galaxy cluster MACS J1206.2‐0847”
12:50 B. Rodríguez del Pino: “Environmental influence on star formation properties in the A901/2 multi‐cluster system”
13:10 J.M. Pérez‐Martínez: “The evolution of galaxy scaling relations in clusters at 0.5 < z < 1.5”
13:30 Comida

14:30 J.A. López Aguerri (invitado)“Instrumentacion para la observación de cúmulos de galaxias”
15:10 A. Aguado Barahona: “Optical follow‐up of galaxy cluster candidates detected by Planck”
15:30 A. Ferragamo: “Sunyaev‐Zeldovich vs dynamical masses scaling relations using 207 galaxy clusters”
15:50 J. Pérez‐Romero: “CTA Sensitivity to Dark Matter induced gamma‐ray signals from Galaxy Clusters”
16:10 Café
16:30 J. Méndez-Abreu: "The WEAVE nearby cluster survey"
16:50 M. Guainazzi (invited): “The Hot Universe with XARM and Athena”

 17:30 Clausura